Head of Stand

Michael Haller
+352 691 482 127


Craig Harris
+352 621 149 051

Lovely South African handwoven baskets, slippers, flip-flops, SA socks, Christmas decorations, candles, mugs. And new OSTRICH BURGERS and WARTHOG BURGERS. Join us for a Springbokkie in celebration for winning the Rugby World Cup. Or have a South African Beer, Cider or Wine with some Biltong or Boerewors. That is South Africa for you at the Bazar International! See you there NEXT weekend!

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Our Team

Our working Team at the South African Stand and beyond has grown to a handful in 2018 with our additional indispensable 2 faces. And true to the spirit of new working members; new ideas have sprouted forth. Thus at the South Africa Stand you shall see many newer faces amongst the faces of the Founder Team; Pat and Tino da Silva and some other familiar faces. We feel strong and endeavour to serve joyfully like South Africans do. We happily embrace all South Africans at heart.

Our Stand

We will be selling various arts and crafts; made by handcrafts men and women who need our support. Of course don’t forget our tasty South African foods: ostrich steaks & burgers, boerewors rolls, and to wash it down Windhoek beer, Savanna cider and South Africa wines.

All visitors to the South Africa Stand shall appreciate one of the newly introduced projects, the Food and Cake Table which is actually a brainchild of our dear former President, Elaine Harris. We stocked up on various arts and crafts handmade by craftsmen and women who need our support. Of course do not forget our tasty South African food: boerewors rolls, vetkoek & mince, bobotie, and other…to be enjoyed with a delicious Windhoek beer, Savanna cider as well as the well-known and popular excellent South African wines.

We furthermore take delight in presenting another newly introduced project ‘dinner presales’; an action already up and running, and promise to keep you posted on many more events to come in the new year.

All proceeds for all our endeavours and our events go towards the Charity Projects submitted to the Bazar committee, who reviews, approves and manages all charity funding.


All proceeds for all our endeavours and our events go towards the Charity Projects submitted to the Bazar International de Luxembourg, who reviews, approves and manages all charity funding.

The benefits of some ventures are already enjoyed by many a much obliged South African charity project throughout the years.

Some of the recent amazing charities which benefitted from the goodwill of the wonderful ‘Bazar International de Luxembourg’  are:

Project Dignity

Empowers young girls to get the education they deserve while building self-esteem and dignity.

Opkyk Pathways Therapy and Educational Centre

Empowers and stimulates children with various disabilities and special educational needs to become respected members of society.


Stepping Stone School

Situated in Namibia, this is a facility for children with special needs, with focus on autistic children as well as Down Syndrome, has created an opportunity for pupils and their parents to be hopeful about their future in the outside world.


Our Sponsors

We take this opportunity to thank all our marvellous sponsors; Mr Cravat, Honorary Consul to South Africa, Cargolux, Nandos, Ina Paarman Spices for their helping hand in our charity endeavours.

We furthermore nurture the handshake of Taste of Africa, and others. We love to remain in contact and appreciate working with you. Thanks also to the South African Embassy in Brussels who are encouraging and supporting us with good ideas and motivation.

South Africa is glad to be part of the Big Bazaar Family, with the sole aim to raise money for so many needy causes out in the world today.

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