What is the Bazar International de Luxembourg?

The Bazar International de Luxembourg is the largest annual international charity event in Luxembourg that raises funds for humanitarian projects worldwide. The Bazar stands for solidarity with those less fortunate.

What happens at the Bazar International?

The Bazar is a three-day event where visitors can experience a multicultural feast with stands representing different countries. These stands sell various items such as food, drinks, arts, jewellery, and clothing that are typical for their respective countries. The profits generated from the event are donated to humanitarian projects.

Who organises and runs the Bazar International ?

The Bazar International is run entirely by about 1,500 volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to make the event a success. Some volunteers help during the weekend, while others are involved throughout the year.

The event also has a management committee (also all volunteers) responsible for the overall organisation.

When and where does the Bazar International take place?

The Bazar International usually takes place in November, specifically on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The event is held at LuxExpo The Box in Luxembourg.


How can I get to the Bazar International?

It is recommended to use public transportation to reach LuxExpo The Box due to limited parking space. There are bus and tram stops near LuxExpo The Box, and the mobiliteit.lu app provides detailed information on public transport options.


Are there parking facilities available for visitors?

Yes, there are parking options available for visitors. LuxExpo The Box has an open-air car park in front of the main entrance and an indoor parking area near the back entrance. Additionally, nearby residential areas and parking garages like Gernsback and P&R Adenauer can be used.

Are there any other events related to the Bazar International?

Yes, there is a mini-Bazar called Bazar International @City Concorde that takes place in June. It is held at City Concorde in Bertrange. In 2023, it featured 16 stands representing the Bazar, offering a selection of foods, drinks, and non-food items.

In addition, many of our stands organise individual activities during the year to raise more money for charity. Some stands have pre-sales, focusing on seasonal fashion, other stands organize concerts, one stand organizes an annual pub quiz, another a yearly flower bulb sale and yet another a karting competition.

All these events are shared on our website, Instagram and Facebook.

What types of humanitarian projects does the Bazar International support?

The Bazar International supports a wide variety of humanitarian projects. The organization aims to help people that suffer from intolerance, poverty, illiteracy, physical and mental handicaps and disease and other challenges worldwide.

How are these humanitarian projects selected and supported by the Bazar International?

Every year, new charity projects are selected by members of the Bazar. The Bazar's Charity Team evaluates the projects and makes the final selection. The profits generated throughout the year, particularly during the main event, are donated to these charities.

Can I make a donation to the Bazar International?

Yes, you can donate to the Bazar International either to their general account or specifically to the Emergency Relief Fund. The relevant bank account information is provided on the website.


How can I get involved and volunteer for the Bazar International?

If you are interested in volunteering or being involved in the Bazar in any capacity, please get in touch with us via:

Are dogs permitted at the Bazar weekend?

While dogs are not explicitly prohibited, please be aware that the exhibition centre can be very crowded and loud and not an ideal environment for dogs  (or any other animal). Food is also served on many stands which can present a hygiene issue. In consideration of everyone's comfort, we advise against bringing any animals. Registered service dogs are of course always welcome.

How can I get in touch with a stand?

The contact details of all the Heads of Stands can be found on their individual webpages. Please click here to go straight to the Stands pages.

How many years has the Bazar International been around?

The Bazar International was incorporated as an asbl in 1967, but its origins date back to 1960.

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