Every year we select new projects to donate to. Our members (the stands and the committee) of the Bazar present a charity. The Bazar’s Management Committee then carefully evaluates the projects and makes a final selection. Several months each spring are devoted to this work. We have a list of points that we evaluate but we do not work with rigid criteria as it is a combination of ingredients that make charities fit well within the scope of the Bazar. Among many other points, we consider if a charity:

  • makes a valuable social impact on the communities or individuals it serves.
  • will profit structurally/for a long term from our donation.
  • is not dependent on our donation alone.
  • is trustworthy and has a good reputation.

The profits that are collected throughout the year, but largely during our main event in November, are then donated to these charities.

Close to the charities

It is fantastic to see how engaged our volunteers are in humanitarian work. Not just because they are involved in the Bazar. But because they know of so many humanitarian projects and are usually personally engaged with them. Their first-hand knowledge was particularly important in the decades before the internet. But these recommendations are still important today. It helps us to remain close to the charities that we support.

If you want to get in touch with our charity team, please send an email to:


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