The Bazar International de Luxembourg is the largest international and annual fundraising event in Luxembourg of which the profits are donated to humanitarian projects in all corners of the world.

The three-day event is a super fun, multicultural feast for the senses and attracts thousands of visitors to the halls of LuxExpo The Box each year.

The Bazar is essentially ‘Shopping for a cause’, because all our profits are donated to wonderful and life-changing humanitarian projects around the world.

Visiting 60 countries in one day

The Bazar is made up of around 60 stands, each representing a country, or, in some cases, a group of countries. These countries, each with their own beautifully decorated stand, sell foods, drinks and a myriad of non-food items, like arts, jewellery, clothing, bags, Christmas decorations, etc. that are typical for their country.

Our visitors come to experience cultural highlights by tasting new flavours that tickle their taste buds, having exotic drinks with friends, buying great gifts and enjoying music- and dance performances from all over the world.

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