Head of Stand

Mr Pall Eyjolfsson

The Icelandic stand offers a wide range of Icelandic products. Our main showstoppers each year are the woollen products; knitted sweaters, blankets and smaller items such as gloves, hats and socks. All our woollen items are made of the famous Icelandic wool. We also offer a selection of other gift items such as candles, napkins and a big variety of Icelandic candy.

We offer freshly baked Icelandic bread, rúgbrauð and flatkökur that you can either take home or eat at our stand. To accompany the bread we sell smoked salmon, gravlax and herring.

To quench your thirst we have a selection of Icelandic beers, soda (Malt & Appelsín) and of course our famous Glacial water.

You can´t stop at the Icelandic stand without trying the famous combination of “Fermented Shark” and a shot of Icelandic Vodka (Hákarl & Brennivín) which has become an unforgettable experience for our visitors.

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