Head of Stand

Mr Zia Amanullah 

Stand contact

Ms Fareeha Amanullah

Visit us at the Mini-Bazar 2024 @City Concorde

On 7 and 8 June, why not go to the Mini-Bazar at City Concorde for a culinary and shopping adventure?

There you can find products and flavours from around the world from 16 countries. You can also find unique gifts for Mother's Day on 9 June. 

What a great way to support humanitarian projects by spending money there! Every euro spent helps supports charities in Luxembourg and across the world. 

Join us for a weekend of shopping and solidarity!

#MiniBazarCityConcorde #SolidarityWithoutBorders

Salam Alaykum, Khush-amadain = we extend greetings of peace and a very warm welcome to all.

Afghanistan is an ancient, culturally rich and diverse land-locked country in Central-South Asia. For many centuries it has been the crossroads to the worlds of commerce, conquests and religions. Arab and Chinese traders, Alexander the Great and Mongol armies, Buddha and Sufi saints have all traversed through here. Unsurprisingly, Afghanistan is often called the Heart of Asia.

The Afghanistan Stand at the Bazar International debuted in November 2022. It aims to showcase Afghanistan’s cuisine, carpets, traditional dresses, handicrafts, culture, music, and world-class dried fruit products.

We serve delicious and authentic Afghan dishes, many prepared to generations-old family recipes. Our cuisine offers mild and subtle flavours as compared to some spicier Asian cuisines. It is suitable for and appreciated by those with more sensitive palates and die-hard foodies alike.

Much-loved favourites include:

  • Yakhni Palao and Kabuli Palao - Highly acclaimed Afghan Rice dishes;
  • Saalan e Murgh - Chicken in a rich sauce;
  • Kebab Rolls;
  • Bolani and Mantu;
  • Vegetarian and vegan curries;
  • A variety of snacks;
  • Chai e Sabz - Green tea infused with freshly ground cardamom and more.

We source authentic world-renowned hand-woven Afghan carpets and traditional clothing, caps, accessories and jewellery, hand-finished and crafted by artisans.

At the Stand you can also purchase a selection of organic dried fruit including almonds, pistachios, raisins, walnuts, and more.

The appreciation, affection, positivity and welcome we’ve received from our host nation and our esteemed Stand visitors have been overwhelming. We are also extremely grateful for the encouragement and support of the Bazar International family including our High Patron Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess, the Management Committee and fellow Stands. This positivity has given us, as volunteers, the determination and strength to contribute to the worthy causes of the Bazar International despite many challenges faced.

We look forward to welcoming you at the next event of the Bazar International de Luxembourg.

Salamat Baashain = Stay healthy and blessed.

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