Head of Stand

Zenon Severis
Tel.: +352 691 285 431

We’re back for the Bazar International 2022 and looking forward to welcoming you!

This year, we intend to have the following on offer:

  • A wide range of Cypriot home-made food. All our volunteers are busy in their kitchens putting together mamma’s best recipes and also a range of delicious traditional dishes: sheftalia, pastitsio, mousakka, tzatziki, koupepia,(dolma), pulses and other vegetarian options and lots more. We sell out every year!
  • If you’re just going to grab a quick bite, look out for our warm halloumi in pitta 😉
  • Cypriot wine from the top wineries of the island
  • Commandaria sweet wine (sort of port)
  • Halloumi obviously!
  • Cypriot KEO beer & zivania
  • Artisanal jewellery & silverware, hand-made in Cyprus, brought over specially for the event
  • Old-school posters from the British colonial era
  • Cypriot coffee on the go and a whole range of sweet stuff

Stop by and say hello, grab a coffee and a bite to eat on the spot or take-away. We’d love to see you!

Interested in volunteering or making a charitable contribution? Please get in touch using the contact details above.

Xavier Bettel visits stand

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