Baltic States Tourism is flourishing in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Their geographical proximity gives them some common historical background, but they have decidedly different languages and cultures.

Come and discover the natural and cultural riches of the Baltic States at our stand at Luxexpo The Box. See the main page for the dates of the event.

The Amber Coast Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are particularly known for their splendid Baltic Sea coastline. The extraordinary Curonian Spit in Lithuania, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, amazes visitors with its miles of dark pine forests, sandwiched between a 62 mile beach along one side and a lagoon on the other, dotted with picturesque fishing villages.The Estonian archipelago has its gems: Saarema is mentioned in the Scandinavian sagas and withstood numerous Viking attacks. Since then, with its neighbors Hiumaa, formed by a meteor, Kihnu, a matriarchy cited by UNESCO for its marriage ceremony. The Baltic Coast Route in Latvia connects stretches of beach with friendly seaside towns such as Ventspils and Liepaja.

Since 2012 and every year thereafter, you are warmly welcome to visit Baltic States stand where you can taste famous Lithuanian ‘live’ beer and ‘šakotis’, enjoy traditional Baltic food, admire our hand-made souvenirs, Christmas gifts (variety of woolen blankets, amber bijoux and jewelry, porcelain etc.)

Head of Baltic Stand

Julius Maciukas

Marketing and communications of Baltic Stand

Xavier Atanes



Līga Pleikšne


Milda Palilionytė

Ramune Sarkauskiene