Every year, the members of the Bazar Stands and the committee are invited to nominate one or two charities. These charities are subject to rigorous and impartial evaluation by the Bazar’s Charity Team before approval by the full Steering Committee.

Several months each spring are devoted to this vital work. The Bazar International does not work with rigid criteria or quotas which could limit its ability to respond to changing circumstances and urgent needs. We base our decisions on long-standing fundamental principles: we look for trustworthy and reputable charities that exert a valuable social impact on the communities or individuals they serve, which are competent to manage our donation, and for whose work our donation can make an appreciable difference in success or scope. In short, we aim to impact.

Bazar International charities are very often organizations with which our multinational members are personally familiar. Their first-hand knowledge was particularly important in the decades before the internet brought the remotest regions of the globe into close communication; their recommendations remain important today.

Diversity in charities

For five decades, these principles have led to the support of the Bazar for every imaginable kind of humanitarian enterprise around the world:

Education: from preschool to adult literacy, from vocational training for adolescents to the local education of teachers, nurses, midwives and doctors;

Medical services: from prenatal care to hospices for older people and receiving terminal care, from preventive and therapeutic drugs to surgery and prosthetic devices;

Nutrition: from food and safe drinking water to farm tools, seeds, irrigation and livestock, or a new fishing boat;

Social support and housing: for street kids and orphans, people with a disability, widows and other women in difficulties, and victims of torture and human trafficking; and

Development: from micro-credit for small groups of enterprising villagers to the ‘green’ development of entire regions.

The Bazar International supports disadvantaged people of every faith and ethnicity, of all ages from premature infants to the ageing poor. It supports families torn apart by war, famine, and disease; children at risk in remote poverty-stricken villages, in refugee camps and on the streets of large cities; people suffering from intolerance, poverty, illiteracy, physical and mental handicaps everywhere.

Since its inception, the Bazar International has also provided ad hoc relief to the victims of emergencies and natural disasters around the world. The Fonds d’Aide Humanitaire d’Urgence, gives financial assistance each year to victims, quickly and effectively.