The Bazar

The Bazar International de Luxembourg is the largest international fundraising event in Luxembourg that aims to financially support and promote charities in all corners of the world.

The Bazar International is quite unique; it is run entirely by volunteers with different nationalities, cultures and traditions all working together toward a common goal: to help people in need, focusing on victims of poverty, violence and/or social isolation, with a focus on empowering women and girls. The Bazar International combines the act of raising money for charities with the organisation of an event that is a fun and multicultural feast for the senses and attracts thousands of visitors to the halls of LuxExpo The Box each year.

About 60 countries, all with their own beautiful stand, participate each year to sell foods, drinks and a myriad of non-food items, like arts, jewellery, clothing, Christmas decoration, etc. that are either made in their country or typical for their country. Our visitors come to taste flavours from all over the world, try drinks that tingle their taste buds and shop for seasonal gifts.